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Dear Yuletide Santa!

I still need to hammer out the kinks in this letter, but I at least wanted to get the basics down. :D

Persuasion - Jane Austen

"I'd love to see what life is like for Anne and Frederick after they get married. If you're having trouble with that one, I'd love to see Admiral Croft and Sophia, and what they think about the romance as it rekindles. (I secretly love the 1995 version with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds.)"

I'm always a sucker for seeing what happened after Happily Ever After. In the 1995 movie, we got to see a short scene where Anne's on a ship, and she goes above-decks to see her husband, but that's really about it. Yeah, the movie's over, and it's a really sweet bit at the end to close things off with, especially since earlier in the movie, Frederick talks about how he'd never have a lady on board and yadda yadda.

I mean, I can't imagine that Anne's ever been on a ship before, or she's never really traveled places, but if you're having trouble there, I love the heck out of Admiral and Sophia Croft. It was mind-blowing to see Fiona Shaw (who played Aunt Petunia in the Harry Potter movies) playing an awesome lady who has a good head on her shoulders, and ships Anne and Frederick. I especially loved the Admiral for that one scene in the movie where he and Anne are just sort of chit-chatting while they're talking a walk, and he's such a dear heart to her.

If you've never seen the 1995 movie, that's perfectly fine. I've read the book too, so if you'd rather lean more towards the book, that's okay too. :D

Venetia - Georgette Heyer

"I want to see them after they get married, and Damerel has trouble not backsliding into his wicked ways (if you want to outline just how wicked he got during his bachelorhood, I'm not objecting!), and then Venetia having a frank discussion wit him about it. Either that, or I'd love to see Venetia and Damerel together, meeting up with Venetia's mother and scandalizing everyone."

I'll be honest -- I wouldn't know that this book existed if it weren't for listening to the criminally abridged version of it read by Richard Armitage. As a result, I have a feeling that I'm missing a good chunk of the story because I've only ever listened to a part of it instead of the whole thing. If you've read the entire story, please try not to laugh too hard at the prompt. As it is, I really like the idea of Damerel still trying to be upstanding and noble, even though Venetia went out of her way to get Damerel to marry her, even if it seemed against his will (at least partially). What I've listened to is fairly vague about what exactly he did whenever he was being wicked (I seem to remember bits about drunkenness, gambling, and orgies? I think?) I imagine that Venetia wouldn't really know the specifics of the wickedness in question, but after she was fully informed (most likely by reading the "right" kind of book in the library), she'd still be Venetia, and she would either set hard and soft limits about what she'd accept, as well as anything she might actually like to try herself. I can't see her allowing him to keep her on a pedestal, even after they get married. I also have trouble seeing him being able to completely stop his "wicked" ways.

If I've accidentally intimidated you with that previous paragraph, or you're not really into going there with their relationship, seeing Venetia and Damerel shocking people, or even having them meet Aurelia would be interesting, because I got the impression that they knew each other when Venetia was trying to get herself married to Damerel, but I don't think they ever actually met? Unless they do in the book. I'll have to read that. Oops.

Vicar of Dibley

"I know that the show's a comedy, and their romance was romantic and hearts-aflutter and such, but I kind of want to see Geraldine and Harry get to know each other? Alternatively, I'd love to see what Rosie's reaction is to her brother being in love is like."

I'll be honest -- I've only seen the first episode with Richard Armitage. It's a very adorable romance, but it always felt a bit quick to me? I would've loved it if it had spanned a couple episodes, but there's something to be said for just telling the damn story without having to drag it out and dealing with village shenanigans when you want to get to the romance bits. :D

As it is, my prompt deals with the swiftness of the romance. I want to see the two of them getting to know each other. Obviously, they're attracted to each other, but there's gotta be more to Harry than just being an accountant (even a really dashing, smoldery one). I'm sure that Geraldine's character got fleshed out over the length of the show's run. I want to see Harry discovering the other sides to Geraldine, and likewise.

And if you'd rather not feel like you're rehashing old ground with Geraldine, look at things from Rosie's perspective: her brother moves to the country, only to fall for the village vicar, and he's thinking about marrying her? This soon? Has Harry had any failed relationships before he bought a place in Dibley? If he had girlfriends before, does Rosie know he has a type, or is she surprised to discovered that Geraldine is unlike the women he's dated before? And, of course, what would she think when (it has to be when, please let it be when) she finds out that Geraldine thought she was Harry's girlfriend? :D

Wreck-It Ralph

"I want to see what it was like when Felix and Calhoun were dating. I loved their romance in the movie (and seeing them game-jumping with Ralph and Vanellope during the end credits was adorable, complete with the Huge Gun that Felix was firing), but I wanted to see them going through the ups and downs of dating. I'd also love to see Calhoun's Marines reacting to the relationship."

If you slogged through the Vicar of Dibley prompt above, then you'll know that I like it when romances take a little while to come to fruition. Yeah, Felix and Tamora are Interested in each other, but it can't be all laser rifles and 8-bit hearts. I'd love to see how Tamora's programming ends up coming into conflict with Felix's programming. I almost want to see Felix worrying about being an 8-bit character, as compared to the modern graphics that Tamora's sporting, and not sure he measures up. I guess I like the idea of seeing them a bit more as people, even while they're video game characters. Also, I'd love to see the two of them in each other's games. And, of course, I keep thinking of Calhoun's Marines as being big, burly types, but sort of derpy from time to time, so I would love to see them reacting to the relationship. Funny or serious, I'll love it to pieces. :D

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