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Birthdate:Jan 30
Website:Jheran McAlister's Fic

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[personal profile] leaper182 - personal journal about my life.
[personal profile] darktrent182 - fic journal only.

Friend whichever you want.

If you want to be friended and we've never talked before, drop a comment on this post. Otherwise, I don't know you from Adam, and I'm not going to Friend. If you need to de-Friend, de-Friend without worry.

Random Items of Note

Late 1998 - entered fandom and slash fandom via Xena. (Yes, that IS correct.)
May 7, 2006 - graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in History.
Fall, 2008 - entered graduate school to work on a Master's in Library Science.
Now - Drifting aimlessly?

RP Journals

Occasionally, I'm stupid enough to join RPGs on LJ. Here is the list of characters that I've played in the past, or am playing now.

Current Character(s)
NAME: Frank Hendricks
LJ: [profile] cujo_hendricks
FANDOM: Pan-Fandom
GAME: [profile] hearts_andminds
PLAYED BY: Ron Perlman
DESCRIPTION: Mr. Hendricks from The Dresden Files.

Past Characters
NAME: Kevin Entwhistle
LJ: [profile] entwhistling
FANDOM: Harry Potter
GAME: [profile] hmeade_station
PLAYED BY: Robert Sean Leonard (Dead Poets' Society era)
DESCRIPTION: Ravenclaw interested in Muggle technology adaptation.

NAME: Kevin Entwhistle
LJ: [profile] kevin_muove
FANDOM: Harry Potter
GAME: [profile] si_muove_rpg
PLAYED BY: Robert Sean Leonard
DESCRIPTION: Ravenclaw interested in Muggle technology adaptation.

NAME: Dr. Miles Anderson
LJ: [profile] dr_mn_anderson
FANDOM: Stargate: Atlantis
GAME: [profile] atlantis_reborn
PLAYED BY: Robert Sean Leonard (House era)
DESCRIPTION: Reluctant head of linguistics.

NAME: Rev. Harry Davenport
LJ: [profile] harry_davenport
FANDOM: Stargate: Atlantis
GAME: [profile] atlantis_reborn
PLAYED BY: Jerry Orbach (theater era)
DESCRIPTION: Expedition chaplain.

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