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General Notes About Me
I'm a major slash fan, mainly m/m, though I've read a few f/f ones that I didn't mind. I tried to include an m/f pairing, just in case you're not really a slash writer. I think I basically enjoy watching characters be themselves, and get into romances. The romance can be as angsty and checkered with trouble as you like, but at the end of the day, just get them together, and give them a happy ending (or the possibility of one).

I love comedy, but I'm more of a serious writer myself, so feel free to go for the serious, and attack the heartstrings. Don't try to force conflict into a rosy situation -- let the characters do it themselves. :D

As for stuff I don't like, let's see... rape, non-con, beastiality, way too much purple prose. Um, I think those are the biggies? Sorry I wasn't more helpful!

The Closer
"Hands down, my favorite episodes are the Flynn and Provenza ones where they end up doing something stupid, it comes back to bite them in the butt, and at the end of it, they still have their jobs and hilarity has ensued. If you're not really a comedic writer, go for something dramatic. I just want to see these two together, doing what they do best -- getting into trouble and annoying the hell out of each other while they do it. :D"

Okay, this is going to sound weird, but I like the idea of Flynn/Provenza, but trying to imagine them actually doing anything is like going 80 mph and then slamming into a brick wall. I adore slash fiction. I've been writing it for more than a decade. This is one of those pairings that I have trouble with, because they'd never see anything sexually attractive about each other. Any kind of emotional stuff, have them be as gruff and uncommunicative as possible, but they really do care. I mean, look at this!

PROVENZA: (after having broken up with his girlfriend) I'm old, and I'm all alone.
FLYNN: As usual, you're only half-right. You're pretty damn old.

That exchange right there means that for all the bitching and all the times when Flynn has tried to sell Provenza out to Brenda to save his own ass, they really do care about each other.

Whether you write it like a Flynn-and-Provenza episode, or whether you go for the heartstrings, I'm easy to please. :D

Lupin III
"I think it's absolutely fascinating that Zenigata has completely and totally given up his life in the pursuit of tracking down Lupin III and throwing him in jail. Feel free to delve into his mind when he's doing this. (I'll admit to being a Lupin/Zenigata 'shipper as well as a Lupin/Jigen fan, so if you want to include either of those, please do!)

Also, if you can include the guys that I affectionately (and inaccurately) refer to as Zenigata's ICPO SWAT team (the dudes in uniform/riot gear who accompany Zenigata from time to time), I will adore you forever. <3"

If you've ever had a chance to see "Tokyo Crisis", I highly recommend it. Not only do we get to see Zenigata be fairly awesome in that one (and hit on a woman with purple hair), but we also get to see just how crappy his apartment is. Also, I adore this image of Zenigata's desk. Very indicative of how he completely lets himself be a slob so that he can concentrate on more important things. Like Lupin. :D

I'm a Lupin/Zenigata 'shipper hands-down. If you've had a chance to see the exchange where the two of them are locked up in adjoining cells, and Lupin is busting out of prison while Zenigata is moping, and then Lupin tosses him the bent coat hanger? I love those little moments, especially when visually, they're mirroring each other unconsciously.

I also complete adore Zenigata when he's on top of his game. Whatever you do, please let him be intelligent. It's okay for Lupin to completely pull one over on him -- it's how the series is structured -- but give Lupin a hard time of getting out of a scrape if it's Zenigata who's springing a trap on him. The more recent specials have had a very unfortunate habit of turning him into a complete and total idiot, and this is not a man who has chased Lupin for years, only to be foiled by the fact that, I don't know, he ran out of ramen or something. *shudder*

Remember those guys that Zenigata was ordering around in "The Castle of Cagliostro"? I know that it's not really a SWAT team, because those seem to be a purely American thing (though I could be wrong), but they seem to function a bit like one, from the ones I've seen on TV and in films? I have a feeling that they're Japanese policemen, going by the uniforms -- though I get very curious when I see them in riot gear in some of the Red Jacket episodes. I can see them being intensely loyal. :D

Jeeves and Wooster
"Bertie (and the Wooster clan) is a lycanthrope (I'm partial to lions, but you could go with any animal, really). Jeeves finds out about this, and reacts accordingly."

Time for true confessions! This is actually based on a bunny of mine that I've been nursing over the past couple of years. I want to see how another author takes the idea for a spin. I love Jeeves/Wooster as a pairing, so if you want to include that, feel free. Whatever you do, please don't include beastiality. It's squicky for me. :(

Mulan (1998)
"So, at the end of the movie, Mulan has returned home after saving China, and her commanding officer has shown up on her doorstep to court her.

If hilarity ensues, I would love you forever."

Because you just know that Li is going to have such a hard time with being himself as well as trying not to be kind of an idiot. I can see him also hitting potholes sometimes. He knows Mulan the soldier, but Mulan the woman is something he hasn't really had a chance to see yet. She doesn't necessarily act like a girl (You go, Mulan!), but she's a woman, and it's quite possible she might end up thinking that Li would want a girly girl instead of her. Granted, Mulan also knows Li fairly well, after having served with him, so that might be a complete non-issue.

I'm a sucker for the two of them having trouble, and the two of them angsting on their respective issues. But, a happy ending would not go amiss! <3

Date: 2011-12-25 01:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] haku-kaen.livejournal.com
Oh my god, I just found your requests through the Yuletide madness list, and even though it's been so long since I last watched anything Lupin to write for it, but I just had to say how happy it makes me to see another Lupin/Zenigata shipper! The Lupin story I ever saw was Dark Order of Assassination (er, Voyage to Danger; I still think of it with the fansub title) and the way Zenigata acted all through it just made me ship the two of them like mad.

Date: 2011-12-25 02:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] leaper182.livejournal.com
I bumped into someone named Kantayra in the Yulechat who's also a big Lupin fan.

It makes me happy inside that there's more of us out there. <3


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