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Dear Yuletide Santa,

First of all, thank you for taking the plunge into Yuletide! Whether you're absolutely new and wondering what you got yourself into, or this is old hat for you (and you're still wondering what made you sign up again), I and everyone else in the challenge appreciates your willingness to participate, and hopes that you don't lose your mind as we all quietly lose ours.

And now, for the requests!

(WARNING: There are links to TVTropes, but no TVTropes fandom listed. Click at your own risk!)

Eyeshield 21

PREFERRED PAIRING: Shin/Sena (though not necessarily in that order)
OPTIONAL TEXT: First-time, football action a plus, but not required. Alternatively, I'd also love a fic about Shin and Sena's rivalry on the field.

EXPLANATION: I literally just got into Eyeshield 21 a few weeks ago (as of this LJ entry), and ever since I discovered Shin/Sena fic existed, I ate up everything... and that was it. I've just gotten to Volume 10 of the series (yay scanlations), and the more I see of Shin and his reactions to Sena, the more I think that there could be something there.

Believe me, I'm under no illusions that either Shin or Sena are Casanova reincarnated. Awkward is going to come with the territory, and they're more than likely going to need a friend's help in getting together, whether it's Sakuraba, Takami, Monta, or someone else. If Hiruma plays matchmaker and blackmails nearly everyone involved in order to get Shin and Sena together, I will adore you forever.

If you went with the alternate, Shin and Sena's rivalry is still interesting because they're not bitter enemies in the series (at least, not that I've seen). Hell, I've gotten spoilers that they deliberately level the playing field with each other in order for there to be true tests of ability. To me, that's a kind of pure rivalry that I don't see very often. And hey, I'd love to read about it. :D

Hot Fuzz

OPTIONAL TEXT: Danny has a family secret that prevents him from having a relationship with Nicholas. Alternatively, a story where Danny meets Nicholas' mother would be lovely too. :D

EXPLANATION: I'm an absolute sucker for Towns with a Dark Secret. The thing is, I can easily imagine that the murders only scratch the surface. The idea of each of the families in the town having secrets of their own is even more intriguing, though I imagine that the rest of the residents take them as open secrets.

If you need further encouragement/ideas, feel free to make the Butterman family secret seriously scary, horrible, or creepy. Go for a supernatural angle, if you're so inclined. This is the kind of secret that the Butterman family has kept for generations, and each generation was willing to do whatever it took to keep it. The other Sandford residents have their own secrets to hide, so the Butterman's secret is something they know about, but they don't know details.

All of that being said, I love happy endings. The thing is, I want the story to be good and make sense more than the happy ending. If it turns out the story's not going to end happily, could you leave a light at the end of the tunnel? Like, if they can't be together, make it something that's possible in the future? *big brown eyes*

If you went with "Nicholas and Danny meet Nicholas' mom", feel free to have fun with it. What kind of woman raises a guy like Nicholas? How much of Nicholas' personality is due to his own need to do well versus any kind of parental pressure?

Toy Story 3

OPTIONAL TEXT: Jessie tells Buzz the details about what happened when he reverted to factory standard. Buzz finally spits it out. Alternatively, a fic where Buzz and Jessie get separated from the rest of the gang and have to venture back would also be appreciated. :D

EXPLANATION: Buzz strikes me as the kind of toy who would want to know the details of what happened, especially if he had any kind of amnesia about the event. And, y'know, Buzz was calling Jessie a temptress, (which amused me to no end). Even when he's factory standard, he totally has a thing for her. Also? I really want to see him spit it out and realize that, y'know, maybe Jessie likes him back. :D

If you're eying the alternate, I like the idea of Buzz and Jessie being alone and having to problem-solve. Maybe they ended up getting left somewhere else in the house. Maybe they somehow got lost, similar to what happened to Woody and Buzz in the first movie. The two of them working together to trek back to Bonnie sounds like it's rife with possibilities.

Lloyd Alexander -- The Chronicles of Prydain

OPTIONAL TEXT: Fflewddur's travels may not be as fantastic as he claims, but there's at least one where the enchanted string doesn't snap. Alternatively, Fflewddur being bored out of his *mind* while he's a king would be lovely. :D

EXPLANATION: Fflewddur is my favorite character in the series, hands-down. While I was reading it, I kept hoping that Fflewddur would have a story that actually happened, and is just too weird to be true. A bit of romance, a daring rescue, defeating some jerkass cantrev lord, anything! Just make it a real story! Feel free to be flexible with the story in relation to the series' timeline. :D

If you're going with Fflewddur the King, feel free to go with the funny. It's strange to think of Fflewddur as an actual king, and him being a total slacker at it would be incredibly funny, even if he really does care about his subjects.

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